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 What kind of clan is the Consortium and what does it offer?

We’re a social clan on PC NA with the simple aims of enriching the gameplay experience for our members while improving their skills and working together to develop characters, complete events, and (of course) find shinier loot. We were founded in July 2013, a couple months after release, and are one of the older active clans in the game, although we have never been close to the largest at any point. Within the context of maintaining a critical mass of fun, active players, we view our midsize growth target as a core strength rather than a deficiency.

While we keep close tabs on developments in the “metagame,” we are not a hardcore clan demanding that every member be the absolute best at everything. On the contrary, we primarily recruit newer players who stay with us as they level up (although we very much welcome vets as well!). As a result, we’ve grown a strong core of fun, high ego players with extensive experience and an interest in helping you refine your builds, acquire better weapons, and learn to use them to become a badass killing machine.

Would I be a good fit for the clan?

Probably! We are looking for people who enjoy getting in VOIP (we host a private TeamSpeak 3 server) and hanging out and will use clan chat/TS to talk, call out events, swap/give guns, and answer questions. We definitely value initiative in grouping up for co-op play, and our members are frequently porting to each other to participate in activities together.

If you don’t have a mic you are always welcome to join TS and listen in. We have a great time and there's no reason to miss out!

If you prefer to play solo and don’t like to interact, that’s not a problem, but we’ll be honest: You won’t get much out of being in our clan other than the progression bonuses such as the extra keycode and faster vehicle speed.

If you’re a particularly aggressive personality, a social justice warrior, or an ambitious chest-thumper, look elsewhere.

When is the clan most active?

We have a very wide geographic/time zone range, with players primarily in the US and Canada but also in the UK, continental Europe, Australia, and East Asia. There are usually at least a few people online but our “dead” time is probably between 3-8 AM PST and our most active time is usually between 3-11 PM PST.

What activities does the clan focus on?

Insofar as we have a gameplay specialty, it’s all-clan runs of expeditions and expert co-ops. Our rule of thumb is that "there is no difficulty besides expert"--regardless of your ego, you're welcome to join us on expert runs as we believe this is one of the better ways to improve your gameplay.

In the open world, sieges/incursions and dailies are probably the most popular activity for our members to run together. However, clan members also initiate activities such as Warmaster runs. You will frequently see callouts from members to join various events in clan chat/TS.

On weekends, we sometimes plan special clan events for newer players like “15 clanmate” pursuit runs or data recorder trains.

I like to PvP. Do you?

The Consortium is a PvE focused clan. We do not have, and never will have, organized clan-wide PvP, as we believe it is a major cause of bad blood between many clans and individuals on PCNA. We, the founders, have no interest in Defiance PvP due to burnout from other games.

However, that being said, some of our members and officers do enjoy PvP and there’s a good chance you can find friends to group up with for play competitive matches. We have some skilled PvPers who can help you refine your loadout and tactics, and we have no restrictions on how you play in PvP other than good sportsmanship (ie, don't start feuds and don't use cheat programs/hacks).

Who’s in charge and what does it mean for me?

The Consortium is run by the original founder, Solicea, and her husband, Dixie Cougar. We’re successful professionals with nothing to prove, and we don’t look to Defiance to get our empire-building fix. We’re here to shoot things and help you enjoy the game—both in positive ways (answering questions, organizing events) and negative ones (suppressing toxic people and interactions). This means you can expect clean management free of Game of Thrones style infighting, Byzantine power struggles, nerd cliques, and BS politics. Our officers derive their authority entirely from, and are directly accountable to, the founder herself. We are essentially a “libertarian monarchy” and we generally take a hands off, common sense approach aside from one straightforward rule.

OK, so what is the rule?

Aside from common sense (don’t be rude, use PTT in VOIP, don’t play baseball at the Monolith, etc), we have only one hard rule: Don’t grief your fellow players—specifically, do not heal with BMGs. This is a temporary restriction in place until the blinding and performance issues caused by the heal beam visual effects are fixed. We summarily kick people for violating this rule but in practice rarely need to do so.

How many members does the clan have?

We have over 500 members but keep in mind that we were founded when the game had been out for only two months, so many of these individuals are not active. We do not, and never will, kick people for inactivity as people do periodically come back to the game after breaks of a year or more!

Will this clan ever merge into another one?


What are the requirements for joining?

You must have a working knowledge of the English language. Fluency is not required—in fact, if English is not your first language, joining our TS is a great way to improve your skills! If you read and understood most of this post, you’re probably good to go. Other than that, we have no strict requirements (EGO, location, etc). We also don't discriminate based on skill level, as long as you're willing to consider advice.

I’m interested. Who do I talk to?

If you're interested in becoming a Con-man (or woman), post here, PM Dixie Cougar on the forums, or look ingame for Solicea, Dixie Cougar, Alienstookmybeer, Elucidate, Soulstrom, Scavanger, or one of our other officers.

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